Labret Stretching Guide

Unlike stretching ears stretching your lip has fewer options. In this article I’ll take you step by step to stretching your labret piercing and then I’ll briefly take you through some other safe options you have. If you would like to stretch your labret up nice and carefully we would advise using the insertion taper technique.
Step 1
Get the taper

Get an insertion taper the same size as the jewellery you want to insert. When you buy insertion tapers they will always be 1mm under the stated size at the small end apart from smaller sizes such as 1.6, 2.4 and 3mm. I would advise you to stretch 1mm at a time until you start to get to the larger sizes such as 15mm.
Step 2
Insert the taper

To help the taper slide you can use your own saliva, so start by licking the taper to get it all lubed up. Then begin to insert the taper small end first into your labret piercing starting from the inside of your mouth. Slowly put pressure on the back of the taper to ease it through. Stop when the back of the taper is close to your lip and move onto step 3.
Step 3
Place jewellery on taper

While holding the taper with one hand press the jewellery to the back of the taper with the other, this can be hard to do so it always helps to have a mirror nearby so you can see what you’re doing.
Step 4
Ease jewellery in

This bit can be very hard, the slower the better. Carefully pull the taper down while pushing the jewellery from the other side very slowly. Use a mirror so you can correct any miss alignment of the jewellery. As the jewellery enters the lip slow down even more and ease the two together through your lip. If the two are parted it’s always a good idea to remove the two carefully and start again rather than forcing them and hurting your lip.
Step 5

Now clean off any saliva on the jewellery and enjoy your new larger lip. If all went well and there was no ripping and blood you can leave your labret for 2-4weeks before thinking about stretching up again. As with all stretching’s the larger the piercing the easier it is, so eventually you’ll be able to just pop the next size in easily.
Tape Wrapping
Wrapping your labret with tape to add girth is cost efficient, safe and practically painless providing you don’t over-do it. It’s as simple as getting either PTFE tape (White/Plumbers tape) or PVC tape (Black/Insulation/Electrical tape) and wrapping a small amount around your jewelleries wearing space to add thickness. You can’t go up much more than 1mm with the one piece of jewellery because the tape can begin to dig in to your lip. Also the tape isn’t the most attractive looking thing and can be hard to clean.
Lip pins
Sometimes your lip just won’t stretch up that 1mm so you’ll need a little help. Lip pins are like stretching tapers but with a disc or wings on the back to keep them in. You can also buy them in smaller increments of 0.5mm. To stretch with a Lip pin you will have to:
• Acquire a Lip pin that is 0.5mm Larger than your current lip jewellery.
• Remove your current jewellery and insert the Lip pin from the inside of your lip. It should slide in just like an insertion pin.
• Once the Pin is in you will have to leave it in for a while. You can leave it in as long as you want. Sometimes overnight will do the trick.
• When you’re lip isn’t so tight around the pin you can remove the Lip pin and insert the Jewellery at the target size.
Instead of having to stretch 1mm larger, using this technique you only have to stretch up 0.5mm.

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